Imagenary journeys for sleep inducement or relaxing breaks

phantastic imagery in Sanuela

We have probably all experienced that falling asleep is not at all times so easy. Then it is nice to listen to a relaxing journey of imagination, where soft voices are guiding you to the wonderful world of Sanuela. The imaginative images of these phantastic journeys can seamlessly evolve into your own dream images, so that it will be easy for you falling asleep.

With ASMR and binaural music you can manage to get away from your everyday life, worries and problems, being able to just let go and immerse into the wonderful journeys through the world of Sanuela.

Of course you can also use the imaginative journeys to Sanuela as a small relaxation break for in between. For example, in your lunch break or when you get home tired from your workday and need a little boost of energy to get back to strength and joy for your leisure time.

Try out different voices and if you want to, also different languages. The best way is to experience it by yourself and begin your travels … This will be possible very soon, so please return to this page!